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Summer Reading Express

Recapture the joy of childhood summer reading programs and join us for our first ever adult reading program this year!

On June 1st, you'll be able to pick up a reading tracker at the Narrow Gauge, and then join us on August 31st for a pizza party and raffle, and to talk about your summer of books!

The Alamosa Public Library has a Summer Reading Program every year for kids, teens, and adults, and we're happy to collaborate with our wonderful librarians for our adult reading program. Click below for their programs!

How It Works

From June 1st through August 31st, we invite you to embrace the joy of reading! Our reading tracker provides a list of genres for you to read. You'll choose a book you want to read for each genre, and in case you aren't sure where to start, we'll have a list of suggestions for you! 

When it comes to reading, we encourage you to read what you love, in the way that you love. Audiobooks count, and you can check out if you're looking for and audiobook supplier, or you can ask the librarians at the Alamosa Public Library about using Libby for FREE audiobooks! 

As avid readers, we also understand the joy of finding a new genre, or experiencing a new type of book, so we encourage you to venture into new territory! Try out a new author, a new genre, read a graphic novel, go for a book that seems intimidatingly long, or give novellas a try if you're accustomed to epic chonkers. All we really care about is that you read and enjoy it!


On the reading tracker, you'll find a list of 9 categories. You get to choose any book you like that fits within that category. To help you out, we'll also provide suggestions of books we have available in the cooperative! They're just suggestions, though; you don't have to purchase your books from us to participate in the reading program!

The Alamosa Public Library reading program overlaps with ours: 3 of the categories are the same! If you complete their program, it counts towards ours, too!

So, here's how it works: 

  1. Pick up or download and print the Reading Tracker

  2. Choose your categories

  3. As you read, write down the title of your book and the author with its category; 1 book counts for one category only, even if it fits within two! :)

  4. Bring us your completed reading tracker on August 31st at the Pizza Party (or before) to enter the raffle!

  5. Enjoy a summer of books!


You can earn up to 4 entries into our raffle, for a chance to win a gift certificate for the Narrow Gauge Book Cooperative, and some other bookish treats. You get to have pizza whether you complete the program or not. :)​

Each of the following activities equals 1 entry in the raffle

  • Complete the library reading program. Show us your tracker from the library!

  • Write about your favorite read of the summer

  • Complete 6 categories

  • Complete 9 categories

Reading Tracker

There are no requirements for length or reading over listening.


The categories for our reading program are below. You can pick up a copy of recommendations for each category at the NGBC, or you can use the buttons below to link to online shopping or a downloadable version of the list. 

  • A coming of age story

  • An adventure story

  • A genre you don't usually read

  • A book in translation

  • A classic

  • A nonfiction book

  • A science fiction/fantasy book

  • A book by a person of color

  • A book by an LGBTQ author

You can download a copy of the reading tracker at the button below, or come to the cooperative to pick one up!

We're looking forward to reading with you this summer!

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